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The VHJA Annual Banquet is approaching quickly!

Deadlines to remember:

VHJA 2014 Annual Banquet:  January 31st, 2015

Special Nominations Due:  December 30th, 2014 (see below)

Banquet Photo’s Due: January 15th, 2015

Advertising in Banquet Program: December 30th, 2014

2015 VHJA Membership Applications:  Being accepted now. (see below for form)

2014 Special Award Nominations are due December 30th!  Please submit the form below.  Descriptions of the awards are also listed below.

2014 Special Nomination Form: VHJA-2014-Special-Awards-Nomination

The “Jill Brierly” Youth Memorial Sportsmanship Award 

This award is sponsored by the family of Jill Brierly in memory of Jill. It is awarded to the rider who displays the finest sportsmanship in competition; who is gracious in victory and in defeat.  

The “Best Friends” Award 


This award was previously sponsored by Karen Didrickson in memory of a special friend and partner, and was known as the “Lasting Impression Award”. In 2004 the trophy (painting) was retired. The new sponsor is Julie Tisbert. The new painting, “Best Friends”, is awarded to an adult rider who serves as a positive role model to other VHJA members and who demonstrates compassion, dedication to, and enjoyment of his/her equine partner.

The “Hillside” Award 

This award was started and continues to be sponsored by Jeanie and Jamie Ketcham in memory of Bruce Hilliker. In the spirit of Bruce, who supported Jamie in all of her endeavors, this award will be given each year to the man who best exemplifies the same super-hero qualities that Bruce did: he will do anything to get his equestrian to the show and into the ring; he offers words of encouragement and hugs of support; with a smile on his lips and love in his heart, he helps them to believe too.  

2014 VHJA Final Standings Document:

2014 VHJA Final Standings 12 4 14

2015 VHJA Membership Application Form:

2015 VHJA Membership Application



You must be a current member to receive an Omnibus, Life Time Members, you must fill out and sign the 2015 application to be a valid member in the system.  Thanks you! 



Email and Constant Contact  memos go out on a regular basis with important information!  If you are not receiving them and would like to, please email:



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