Welcome – Results and Standings

Welcome VHJA Members

Congratulations on the 2015 Show Season!  The VHJA Board of Directors hopes everyone had a fabulous year!

VHJA 2015 Banquet Date is : February 6, 2016 – Hilton Hotel, Burlington

VHJA Jumper Final Winners and Participants

 Apologies for neglecting to post your final results, here they are, GREAT JOB!

VHJA Pony & Puddle Jumper Final

1st – Shea Tomlinson on Out of the Mist

2nd – Grace Taylor on American Pie

3rd – Olivia Reiskin on Too Sassy

VHJA Schooling Jumper Final

1st – Sue Perna on Lavendel

2nd – Lucy Anderson on Elipsis

3rd – Makenna Higbee on One Man Show

4th – Rachel Scibeck on Imponente

 VHJA Low Jumper Final

1st – Kelsey Hill on Authentic Menagerie

2nd – Heather Johnson on Prime Time

2015 VHJA Jumper, Hunter & Equitation Final Results:

2015 VHJA Finals Results


2015 VHJA Finals Results